Lots of Pictures,  My first Garden.  :D

Lots of Pictures, My first Garden. :D

My grandparents used to keep a garden in the backyard when I was a child. The last five years or so there hasn't been one because they've gotten to old to keep it up. So this year I decided to do my own thing and try to grow some stuff myself.

I have mostly wildflowers, but some vegetables, unfortunately most the vegetables I tried to start in the house didn't make it because I didn't give them enough sun. I know better now.

Everyone keeps telling me I need to pull the weeds out, but honestly I can't tell what is weeds and I don't want to pull out any of the wildflowers.

There's a bunch of pictures under the cut just to warn you.

Here's my vegetables I have coming up.

I planted almost 30 tomato seeds, they all sprouted but only two survived.

Last month

This is a volunteer coming up out in the garden. I think it's a cucumber but I'm not sure.

Lettuce growing with my wildflowers

Chives, Marigolds, Avocado, some flower I forgot the name of and a couple pepper plants all in my window

And here's my wildflowers. If you see anything you recognize I'd love if you could tell me what they are.

The first one bloomed today! I don't know what it is though.

A couple similar looking flowers

Not sure if this one is the same, it looks a little different

Nectarine tree that's coming up where I planted my wildflowers (I know that's what it is because there's a full grown one about ten feet away)

We had a bird feeder with sunflower seeds above where I planted all my wildflowers, so I have a bunch of sunflowers coming up too.

These are all little sprouting sunflowers, they never get taller than that though, I didn't think it was worth doing anything with them since the seeds keep coming up.

This one has a morning glory climbing up it, which I thought looked cool.

Another sunflower and some poppies and some other stuff I'm not sure what it is.

This one also a sunflower but a different kind, I actually planted this one, the seed looked much different.

Nasturtiums! I think I have about five coming up.

This one is different than the rest though, it's a darker color for some reason.

My aunt told me the flower on the top of the image with the ladybug on it looks like a cosmo. Then there's the nasturtium towards the bottom.

Nasturtium on the right, but the plant on the left I don't know if it's a wildflower or a weed.

Some random stuff mostly I don't know.

There is this really pretty purple flower growing out there that everyone is telling me "Pull it it's a weed" I think it's really pretty though.

This is a better picture of one that's coming up. If you know what it is I'd love to know because I can't figure it out.



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