obligatory picture post

obligatory picture post

My boyfriend and I just moved into our first apartment (we've been dating 4.5 years) a little less than a month ago. It's in Orlando, FL. Both of us have been in tiny 1/1 apartments in high-crime areas for awhile now, so this move to a fancy 2/2 (1120sq ft) is GLORIOUS.

You can also see the pictures on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2458657&l=4d35a&id=5200499

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floorplan - our apartment is just downstairs; the other entryway is to the separate upstairs apartment. We get extra storage by having a closet under the stairs. =) boyfriend wants to convert it to a 'game cave', haha.

cubbies from michaels, and thrift store artwork

the framed records I mentioned in an earlier post

the rest of the wall

I made that rose from a Martha Stewart craft kit and it took over 2 and a half hours! so for now there's only one =P

my boyfriend picked out and hung the curtains! :) we just got the table off craiglist

A couple of years ago I had this calendar (http://www.annetaintor.com) and couldn't bear to throw it out at the end of the year. It was a rectangular calendar, so I taped three months together and made 4 'posters'. They're the perfect size for a frame! I've made a couple of other posters from calendar pages since. Really cheap, really easy, and lots of fun.

view from the kitchen to the front door

guest bathroom - I love the ducks! there's also a purple bathroom rug on the floor that didn't make it in the picture. But it coordinates with the shower curtain colors.

thrift store purchases for 50 cents each! cutecutecute

anne taintor book! plus a little duck soap (once you use the soap you have a rubber ducky)

little pantry

guest bedroom/boyfriend's office

the shows he's worked on (I've been involved with the first three) - A Piece of My Heart, Prymate (went to broadway for like....2 weeks), Brave New World (he wrote an original theatrical adaptation and produced it at FSU), Halloween Horror Nights, and Blue Man Group

master bedroom - still decorating this. My boyfriend, for whatever reason, doesn't like sheets. He just wanted a giant comforter to sleep under, so we found this reversible microfiber comforter on uberclearance at JCPenney. It's actually a king size for our full size bed, so plenty of covers for both of us. =)

my desk, in the master bedroom. still messy - putting the computer together today

more thrift store purchases (and you can store things inside the endtable/tv stand!) - curious george is on the vcr up there

my purses - the rack is an unfinished piece from michael's that I painted myself (striped and 'how to get a husband' purses purchased on Etsy; the woven purse is actually from The Children's Place! I used to work there and I loved it, and now I get all kinds of compliments on it...even though it's made for little kids)

I'm in the mirror! helloooooo

master bathroom

my closet! enormous! and it's walk-in!

his closet! not enormous! and not walk-in! lol

books and cookbooks and photo albums. I just finished my Masters in Social Work at Florida State, so there are obvious clues to that in here.

favorite part! "valet trash" is included in our rent, which means that this is a secret bench right outside our front door that holds out trash bags!! it's picked up automatically every weekday morning. LOVE IT (but don't love the stain that's in front of it)

I hope you like our new apartment! I'm glad to finally have pictures to post to this community. =)


My landlords didn’t work out

My landlords didn’t work out

Purple Jumanji flower??!!

Purple Jumanji flower??!!

welcome to my humble adode! <3

welcome to my humble adode! <3

hello. i <3 my room! (and the mess that it entails)

hello. i <3 my room! (and the mess that it entails)

Ahhh!  Help!!!

Ahhh! Help!!!