Sharing pics and need help

Sharing pics and need help

I am tired as hell, but I need to ask before it;s too late, and to be polite, in exchange, I will bribe you with some nice pics.. So first comes the bribe:
my lively herbal gadern <33

Borago officinalis

Thymus serpyllum

bee and my origanum vulgare XD

Hyssopus officinalis

belamcanda chinensis

Lavandula angustifolia
, last flower, the rest is harvested already <3

and here some flowers from our normal garden

Heuchera corner XD

my sister's rose




ok the spam should be enough LOL, now to my problem..
Problem #1, I have something with roses and think it is botrytis, but need confirmation, here are the pics:

I have no idea if this is the same disease, cuz it;s on rose that looks healthy, no bud is ill... only some leafs, while the other plants have mostly healthy leafs.... hnnnnn

this is why I think it's botrytis

now on to the proble #2.. my gardenia is getting weaker since the day I bought it
It makes a lot buds, but never blooms. And it's slowly getting more and more yellow.

and my friend lives like 1km away and has it out in the balcony AS WELL< and it bloooms! buhu, somebody help mee! I love this flower so much ><

My abode

My abode tree update tree update

My bulbs are coming up NOW!  Questions.

My bulbs are coming up NOW! Questions.

My Lillacs Are Blooming

My Lillacs Are Blooming

some more pictures

some more pictures

Rambler with dahlias

Rambler with dahlias